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Welcome to the World of KIDZEE Sector 12 Noida

My name is Divya Jyoti Thukral

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences.” – Loris Malaguzzi

Ever since our inception, Kidzee Sector-12, Noida has been committed to provide children with a perfect launchpad to explore their creativity, learn about world around them and develop skills shaping them into leaders of tomorrow.

At Kidzee sector-12, Noida we understand that a pre-school acts as a bridge between a Child’s protected confines at home and the unexplored world outside. Because of this, we strive to make this transition very smooth and comfortable. Our caregivers and Educators function as second parents to every child.

We are Happy to share that we open our new KIDZEE center in VASUNDHARA SECTOR 12 GHAZIABAD.

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Our Programmes

Child's Happy Place

Where Kids Love to Learn

Our Super Stars.

Let us introduce you with out super cute and naughty super stars who brings lots of smile and happiness in our school. 

Our Shining Stars First Day 

First day for our lovly kids when they have received KIDZEE Pentamind Kit, which define the complete year curriculam syllabus

Extra Curriculam Activities 

A range of activities organized outside of the regular school day, curriculum or course intended to meet learners’ interests. These activities can help learners become more involved in their school or community and can help them to develop social and soft skills and to promote wellbeing.

Drawing & Painting

Our course imparts learners with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of drawing from the ground up. It takes them from having little or no knowledge in drawing to being able to create advanced art that stands up as professional work.

Dance Classes (All Age Group)

If you’re looking for dance classes in Noida  & Delhi, you’ve come to the right place! Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz Funk, Heels, Street. We’ve got it all!

You can also access a real, professional and international dance education in all of the above styles

Join Rising Star Academy and enjoy Dance classes offered on an exclusive basis. Learn Dancing with our professional and kids friendly dance teachers, 1-on-1 courses from our best dance teachers.


Language Classes (French & German)

Our center has well-structured modules and a foreign language training program for students. We offers authentic training in reading, writing, listening, spoken language skills.With a focus on teaching a small group of students, this institute believes in personal attention to each student.

Abacus & Vedic Maths

One of the best tools for improving kids' concentration levels is the ABACUS. It is one of the most popular programs for schools as one of the top enjoyable activities for kids to learn how to do arithmetic calculations quickly. There is no doubt that it improves the child's general aptitude!

language classes.jpeg

Nursery to 8th Class Coaching Class

Teachers play a key role in the all round development of a child. Right guidance from the right tutor can help students achieve their goals smoothly. To gain success, it is very important to put every step in the right direction without losing your focus. A good teacher can lead you to the right path making a journey to your destination a smooth one. Hence, right coaching is a crucial aspect of academic pursuits. Rising Start Academy gives Nursery to 8th Coaching Class in Sector12, Noida which help students prepare for their examinations in a better way. 

House No 11, Block X, Sector 12, Noida

Uttar Pradesh 201301

+91-9810608402 | +91-9810608403

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